Pictures of the Suhm group

In the lab

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Gathering at the popcorn-jet setup (2008)

Expeditions into the wilderness

In the Harz mountains. Click for large picture (291 KB)

In the Harz mountains 2014-09-24

Canoeing team 2006-09-07. Click for large picture

Canoeing team of 2006-09-07

Hike 2005-08-16. Click for large picture

Rest at a rock at Hanskühnenburg (Harz mountains) 2005-08-16

20010607hike.jpg (151 KB)

Rest at Hoher Hagen (Gauss look-out tower) during a 25 km hike from Göttingen to Hannoversch Münden, June 7, 2001
From left to right: Thomas, Martin S., Clemens, Marc, Martin J., Ruth, Corinna, Nicole

20010607hike2.jpg (111 KB)

Another rest on the way to Hann. Münden, June 7, 2001
From left to right: Clemens, Uli, Martin S., Thomas, Martin J., Corinna, Ruth, Marc

19990827hike.jpg (113747 Byte)

Group hike of August 1999. Look-out tower near Mackenröder Spitze, east of Göttingen
From left to right: Nastya, Thomas, Marc, Mrs. Kupferschmid, Dirk, Martin, Ravi, Uli

Social events

Barbecue 2002-07-11

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