Hints for the equivalence check in Physical Chemistry for PhD applicants

If you come to my office to obtain an equivalence statement of your Masters degree to a German Diplom degree from a Physical Chemistry perspective, please bring the following things with you:

We will then discuss these documents and your level of knowledge. Based on this, we will decide among the following options:

A) Equivalence after discussion and short knowledge test

B) Successful completion of selected courses in Physical Chemistry (typically in German), before you obtain the equivalence (preferred option, within two years)

C) Successful oral exam(s) on important topics (Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Spectroscopy) after extensive self-study (e.g. based on Atkins' Physical Chemistry), before you obtain the equivalence. Note that this oral exam can only be repeated once and should be finished one year after applying for equivalence, at the latest.

M. Suhm

Revised 2012-11-10